Yo-soro is Taiko performance Duo formed in 2000 by Mikita Hase and Hiroyuki Okada. Based in a small village in Hakone where they enjoy beautiful views of both Mt. Fuji and Pacific Ocean, Yo-soro develop their music adtivity energetically abroad; Concert tour in Africa - Middle East in 2007, Concert tour in Eastern Europe in 2009, and performing on Chinese movie "City of Life and Death(Lu Chuan)" in 2008. They also coach amateur / professional Taiko-groups locally and worldwide.


Yo-soro's programs are all original with few exceptions, their mimutely composed music and dynamic solo performances make them unique. Another notable activity of Yo-soro is taking partnership with artists in variety of fields, aiming to create a new performing arts together. They have worked with other traditional instruments players, Classic or Jazz musicians, Ballet dancers, actors,etc.


The word "Yo-soro" is old calling words of sailors, means "Go Strait!" or "It's All Right!".